Record a Macro to AutoFit cells in Excel

AutoFit is something that makes the data in the Sheet more presentable and readable. This is one example where we can create a simple Macro to apply AutoFit property to the sheet.


1. Start Recording a Macro and name it AutoFit
2. Select entire sheet
3. Double click on the divider between Column A and Column B
4. Stop the Macro

The following code will be generated.

Sub AutoFit()
' AutoFit Macro
' Macro recorded 3/10/2008 by Ravi Sagar
End Sub

Notice the statement Cells.EntireColumn.AutoFit, it tells excel to apply Column wise AutoFit to the selected Cells. You can later use this Macro to AutoFit the entire selected worksheet. The advantage of creating such handy Macro is that you can assign these Macros to the custom buttons and place them on the toolbars. By creating Macros for operations that you use frequently you can save lot of time and work more efficiently.

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