How to Recording a Macro in Excel

The Easiest and the fastest way to learn Excel VBA Programming is by using the Recording Macro feature. This cool feature of Excel will record all the steps you perform on Excel sheet and generate a Code. You can later view the code and see how your actions are translated into VBA Code.

Procedure to Record a Macro

1. Click Tools > Macro > Record New Macro

2. Enter the desired Macro Name and click Ok to start Macro Recording .

If you want you can also give a shortcut Key to Recorded Macro. Select Store macro in “This Workbook” so that the Recorded Macro is saved right inside the Excel sheet. If you choose this option and send the sheet to someone then the Recorded Macro will also be sent.

Note: If you store macro in “Personal Macro Workbook” then the Recorded Macro will not be saved inside the Excel sheet. Recorded Macro will be stored in Personal Sheet. Personal.xls file is created when a Macro is recorded to it for the first time and it is saved in \XLStart directory of MS Office. It is advisable to store the frequently used Macros in “Personal Macro Workbook” so that they are always available from any sheet but if you send the Excel sheet to someone, the Macro will not be sent along with the Excel Sheet.

A Shortcut Key can also be assigned to the Recorded Macro. Press "s" to assign CTRL + s OR Press "S" to assign CTRL + SHIFT + S

In our next posts we will discuss some of the examples where we will record a macro to automate some day-to-day tasks.

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